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Company Overview

Quadra is a brand owned by Lyman Group. Quality and reliability is our business. A reliable, expert and high-technological partner for top-level architecture and interior design projects worldwide. Quadra specializes in providing extra large slabs for your luxurious and sophisticated high end design and building projects. As a sintered slab, quadra embodies the form of an ultra fine man made stone, brought to perfection by employing the exact same method of pressure and heat in the same way Mother Nature does only faster. This ‘sinterization’ process fuses the stone particles together to the point where they become one unified material. The creation of combining the highest inspiration for design. Europian quality raw materials, rigorous process in every step, the latest and improved Italian technological machinery and meticulous quality control ensures that the final products achieve the highest level of quality. CAUTION! PT Quadra Dinamika Internasional never charges any fees and cooperates with any travel agent in the recruitment process!

Why join us?

We’re the largest Sintered Stone Slab manufacture in Indonesia. Using innovative Italian technology and European design trends that hat only exist in Asia and Australia.


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monday - friday


Medical, Sports (e.g. Gym), Parking


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PT. Quadra Dinamika Internasional
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