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Whetron was established in 1983 with a vision to become the leading supplier of automobile electronic parts for major car manufacturers around the world. Whetron was built on the management philosophy of continuous innovation, strive for perfection, and the principles of reciprocity. The company started out with remote access products and later expanded to provide Parking Aid System, GEM/BCM, and keyless entry products. Whetron has customers throughout Asia, Europe, Australia, Central America and South America. Company’s mission is to provide safe, convenient and reliable products and to service the community. With Taiwan’s competitive edge in electronic manufacturing services (EMS), Whetron believes in the development of first-class human resources, equipment, technology, quality, cost control, and excellence in service. The company focuses on the satisfaction of customers, shareholders and employees. Whetron is committed to make sure its contributions to the global automobile industry, and help achieving a better future for all.

Why join us?

We have a corporate culture that is creative and innovative employees that make us happy - work hard and play hard! We provide a clear understanding of what the company's business priorities. To maintain and strengthen domestic market leadership in the Indonesian electronic industry and to achieve recognition as a financially sound and reputable company of quality product in the local market. Mission To be a leading distributor of complete range of competitively priced, superior quality electronic while pursuing profitability and returns to shareholders as well as practising corporate responsibility and delivering values and confidence to all member of the company.


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